About me

Tyrell Campbell
33 Years Old
OWNER of Reelyrell Photography
C0-Owner of R2X Studio

My name is Tyrell Campbell 33yrs old and owner of Reelyrell photography. I started doing photography in 2006 when my daughter was born in Baltimore Md. I started taking photos of family and friends while learning about how to work all of those crazy buttons. Years later i moved to Harrisburg Pa and began working on branding myself. After a lot of trial and error I began to get noticed by others on social media. So I started doing alot of free shoots to get my name out there even more. Next thing you know I had people rushing into my inbox to book with the new photographer in town. After shooting in Pennsylvania for 5 years I decided to finally move to Atlanta Ga. After meeting amazing new models I am continuing to build and expand my brand.